Who We Are

'We are Oxford Studios, a 24/7 Rehearsal, Recording, Podcasting studio with engineers and videographers ready to help your audio or podcasting and an Event space. We provide a self service use with gear readily available to artist, musicians, and content creators. Our goal is to give you access to our gear anytime meaning 24/7 for when the the urge for creativity comes on. We have a fully furnished Recording, Podcasting Studio, and Rehearsal room with engineers and videographers. We also double as an event space for hosting private parties, Movie production, Music videos, Pop up shops and business Seminars.

How Does it Work?

Choose a studio, then choose a date and time to book with your engineer or videographer. Then you will be sent an access codes directly to your email to enter the space at that time or your appointment. Feel free to contact us through email or phone.